Smart scheduling at your fingertips

The perfect integrated meeting solution for busy professionals

Manage your meetings, agendas, and notes directly from browser tabs.

Powered by AI, integrated with Zoom, Notion, and Google Meet.

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Take back control of your time.

Schedule smarter + faster

Effortless meetings for everyone. 

Manage the entire meeting process in browser tabs by selecting and sharing your preferred meeting times.

Using Dynamic Availability™️, let your invitee quickly suggest alternative times by overlaying calendars.

The process is fast and simple, and ensures the meeting time is ideal for both parties.

Lightning-fast sharing availability

Automate with advanced AI

Optimized and enhanced productivity.

Magical’s powerful AI can rapidly scan your calendar to suggest meeting times. It can also generate bullet-pointed agendas, automated summaries, and meeting follow-ups.

This combination results in a personalized and efficient meeting experience for you and your invitee.

Meeting invitation you’ll enjoy sending

All-in-one meeting hub

Conveniently manage your meetings in browser tabs.

  • Capture and sync meeting notes directly into Notion.
  • Automatically join Zoom + Google Meet sessions.
  • Share your personalized scheduling link.
  • Customize your meeting preferences.
  • Navigate with key commands.
  • Accessible on all browsers.
Collaborative meeting hubs

Meeting invitations. Superpowered.

Recipient’s calendar

Recipient’s calendar

Let recipients overlay their availability without creating an account.

Flexible duration

Flexible duration

Let recipients decide how much time they really need.

Dynamic Availability™

Dynamic Availability™

Prioritize meetings you want to schedule as soon as possible.

Mouseless experience

Mouseless experience

Fly through your time, notes and meetings with keyboard shortcuts.


Automated notes

Auto-sync and auto-organize your notes in Notion and Salesforce.*

Zoom into your meetings

Auto-join conferencing

Get a smart reminder to jump to your next meeting.

What our community says.

Magical has been incredibly valuable to me! I can easily create meeting notes from a browser tab and export them to Notion, as well as keep track of what meetings are coming up throughout the day. Without a doubt, it’s helped me manage my time more efficiently.

Listen Léon

Scheduling meetings has always been a nightmare, but Magical has made it easy to organize and prioritize my availability. It’s easy and it’s fast… Scheduling meetings suddenly makes sense!


Magical gives me a straightforward tool that optimizes my time. I especially love that it syncs with my Notion account. It’s fast and is a truly enjoyable experience.


I’m in my browser 80% of my working time, so having everything available in a new tab is much more convenient than having to constantly click and open new applications. I just open a new tab, use the keyboard shortcuts, and everything is done!

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