The calendar that takes
meeting notes for you

Magical is the GPT-powered calendar for your meetings & work.


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Kill context switching.
Get 2 hours back every single day.*

Your calendar, everywhere

Check your calendar without switching tabs, seamlessly schedule events, and jump straight into your meetings from anywhere.
Calendar everywhere

Eliminate note-taking

Magical uses ChatGPT-4 an Whisper from openAI to generate meeting notes, recommend action items, and act as your meeting assistant.
AI Notetaker

Sync to Notion

Experience accessibility at its finest by automatically syncing your meeting notes into Notion, and share them with others.
Connect to Notion

Swiss Army Knife for meetings

Flexible duration (8)

Time peek

Never miss a meeting or run over an essential task.

Auto-Sync (1)

AI command line

Easily access AI commands to get more out of your meetings.

Dynamic Availability™

Scheduling links

Find the ideal meeting times based on your preferences and availability.

Mouseless experience

Mouseless experience

Fly through your time, notes and meetings with keyboard shortcuts.

Auto-Sync (2)

Time polls

Let AI suggest times and share with your invitees to vote on their preferred times.

Zoom into your meetings

Auto-join conferencing

Need another minute? Smart reminders allows you to join exactly on time.




  • Unlimited meeting templates
  • Sync with Notion, Google, and more
  • 50 Magical AI credits
  • AI Notetaker
  • AI Agenda
  • AI Time Suggest


  • Everything in Individual, and
  • Unlimited AI Notetaker
  • Unlimited AI Agenda
  • Unlimited AI Time Suggest


  • Everything in Plus, and
  • Priority support
  • First access to new features
  • Private productivity webinars
  • Access to Time Hacker community
  • Annual calendar audit

What our community says

Magical has been incredibly valuable to me! I can easily create meeting notes from a browser tab and export them to Notion, as well as keep track of what meetings are coming up throughout the day. Without a doubt, it’s helped me manage my time more efficiently.


Scheduling meetings has always been a nightmare, but Magical has made it easy to organize and prioritize my availability. It’s easy and it’s fast… Scheduling meetings suddenly makes sense!


Magical gives me a straightforward tool that optimizes my time. I especially love that it syncs with my Notion account. It’s fast and is a truly enjoyable experience.


I’m in my browser 80% of my working time, so having everything available in a new tab is much more convenient than having to constantly click and open new applications. I just open a new tab, use the keyboard shortcuts, and everything is done!