Magical AI

Discover the new era of meeting productivity

The all-in-one platform for AI-powered scheduling, notes, and agendas

AI Meeting Builder

Reimagine your productivity with Magical AI.

Accelerated meeting planning.

Generate customized agendas tailored to your meeting’s topics and goals.

Stop wasting time trying to organize your meetings.

Input your desired topics or goals, and AI Agenda will generate a bullet-pointed agenda for your session.

AI Agenda keeps you on track and focused, allowing you to make the most of your meeting time.

AI - Agenda

AI scheduling assistant.

Use AI to find the perfect meeting times.

Tired of letting meetings hijack your focus time?

AI Time Assistant protects your time by identifying optimal meeting times based on your preferences and schedule.

Find the perfect meeting time, every time.

AI Time suggest

Stress-free meeting notes.

Get detailed summaries at the end of every meeting.

AI Notetaker transcribes your meetings in real-time, generating a summary that highlights key points and action items.

As your meeting concludes, AI Notetaker promptly delivers the detailed recap to your inbox. Easily share it with fellow participants via email, or export it directly into Notion.

Let the conversation flow, and let AI Notetaker handle the rest.

AI Notetaker