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Calendly is Killing Your Productivity

Calendly is Killing Your Productivity

Calendly is flawed 💔

Despite its good intentions, it’s created an unpleasant experience for both senders and recipients of Calendly invites, thus worsening the already broken scheduling process.

Let’s look at two reason why booking meetings on Calendly is less than ideal for busy professionals.

#1 – Not Accessible With Your Main Workflows 😤

Scheduling meetings with Calendly interrupts our work.

What do we mean?

Well, most knowledge workers spend most of our days working in email or in a browser.

So when we need to schedule a meeting, we have to interrupt whatever task we were working on in those areas and jump into Calendly.

The consequence is a disruption in concentration in whatever immediate activity we were working on.

This is known as “context-switching,” which is one of the single biggest killers of productivity.

#2 – Time Ultimatums: The Stress of Constant Availability 🤬

A “time ultimatum” is forcing someone else to adhere to your schedule.

On the surface, Calendly appears to avoid this malpractice by letting you send recipients multiple availability slots.

But think about the logic of this from the recipient side…

At best, it’s a very impersonal way to request a meeting.

And if the suggested time isn’t ideal, both the recipient and yourself will get sucked into the dreaded “scheduling spam cycle” of never-ending emails trying to find time to meet.

At worst, it communicates to recipients that the time of the person sending the request is more valuable than their own.

Even if this isn’t stated explicitly, it’s an intrusive way to force one person to adhere to another’s schedule.

The sender is inherently stating that the recipient must conform to their availability or there won’t be a meeting.

Dynamic Availability 🤝

Calendly is valued at $3+ billion, so there’s clearly a market for their product.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect solution for you.

Time is our most valuable commodity.

And busy professionals deserve a tool that treats it as such.

If you’re looking for a better option, we have an alternative.

Our Dynamic Availability™️ scheduling lets senders share preferred slots with invitees, but also lets invitees suggest an alternative by quickly overlaying calendars to view mutual free times.

This means both parties will easily find an ideal time that works for everyone.

Even better is that you can access and control the entire process directly from your browser tabs via web app or extension.

The result is effortless and efficient scheduling that doesn’t disrupt your workflow.

Ready to give it a spin?

Jump over to the Chrome Web Store and give it a try ✨

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