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Magical’s First Hackathon of 2023: Building Time Polls in 24 Hours! 🗳️

Magical’s First Hackathon of 2023: Building Time Polls in 24 Hours! 🗳️

Today we held our company-wide hackathon of 2023.

The goal?

Build one of the top-requested features from our community in under 24 hours (and have a lot of fun doing it!). 

We heard from our community over the last few months that one of their least-favorite parts of the meeting process is scheduling group meetings that involve numerous participants. When multiple parties are involved, finding a meeting time that works for everyone becomes tough. 

We conducted a large number of user interviews over the last two weeks to understand the unique challenges that come with group meetings. Armed with this feedback, we set out to find a solution.

The event was hosted at our CEO Tommy Barav’s apartment in Tel Aviv. In addition to providing space, he made sure our team was fueled by grilling some delicious picanha steaks and providing bottomless batches of his famous cold brew. 

As the day started, our teams gathered individually to discuss the requirements and scope of the project. There were a lot of big ideas, but given our 24-hour time limit, we had to narrow down and hone in on what could be achievable in a single day.

The true collaboration and knowledge sharing began after the teams disbanded, and we came together to collectively build a feature from scratch.

While most companies limit their hackathons to a select group of engineers, we opened ours up to the entire company and had participation from Marketing, Operations, and Design.

It was an unbelievable opportunity to foster collaboration between everyone at Magical.

While we do our best to create a culture of knowledge sharing, nothing can ever replicate having everyone work towards a single goal. It was incredible to see how everyone on our team deployed their individual strengths and expertise to create something truly innovative.

The first Magical hackathon of 2023 was a massive success. 

It was a fantastic way for us to build team chemistry, foster creativity, and further Magical’s focus on world-class innovation. 

And the best part… we were able to successfully build Time Polls! 

Our Supermembers will be getting Time Polls soon, and we’ll be rolling them out to the general public in the coming weeks. 

For now, enjoy a sneak peek below!

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