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New in Magical: AI Meeting Builder

New in Magical: AI Meeting Builder

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a ChatGPT, but for meetings?

Now, with our new AI Meeting Builder, you can experience the true power of AI and its ability to automate and optimize the meeting experience.

AI Meeting Builder is a powerful suite of AI extensions that can help you save time, maximize productivity, and stay focused during meetings.

Welcome to the future of meetings!

AI Agenda

It all starts with the AI Agenda, a revolutionary feature that uses multiple inputs to automatically generate the perfect agenda tailored to your meeting’s topics and goals.

No more time wasted trying to figure out what to talk about or what’s important to cover.

Your customized agenda will keep you on track and focused.

AI Time Suggest

Next, the AI Time Suggest feature provides you with the ideal meeting times based on availability and preferences, taking into account time zones and other factors.

No more back-and-forth emails or wasted time trying to coordinate schedules.

AI Notetaker

Last but not least is AI Notetaker.

AI Notetaker eliminates the need to constantly take notes while you and others are speaking.

With AI Notetaker, you’ll get a transcribed summary sent at the end of your meetings that covers all of the key points and assigned action items.

No more context-switching or distractions trying to jot down notes.

And the best part?

Every Magical member gets 50 free AI credits that can be redeemed towards any feature.

AI Meeting builder isn’t just another one-trick pony productivity tool.

It’s a powerful solution that automates and optimizes the entire meeting process.

Your time is your most valuable commodity.

You need tools that treat it as such.

Try AI Meeting Builder today and unlock the power of AI for your meetings!

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