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New in Magical: Day Peek + Personalized Links

New in Magical: Day Peek + Personalized Links

Want to catch a quick peek at everything you have on your calendar for the day?

With Day Peek, you can easily see your next session, your availability for the day, and automate your meetings notes with ease.

No more clicking and switching between tabs, meetings, and apps.

Hovering your mouse over the far fight side of the screen, or using the right bracket key, will now bring up a day view of your calendar.

You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through events, and hit enter to capture notes.

Personalized Availability Links…. Get Them While You Can!

You know that teammate at your company who has the same name, and because he/she started before you they got the cool email address without all of the extra letters and numbers?

Don’t let that happen with Magical!

You can now claim your own personal availability link… “app.magicalhq.com/tommy

Your personal link is your unique page that you can instantly share with others to schedule a flexible meetings with you based on your dynamic availability.

It does absolute wonders for eliminating the awful back-and-forth that occur trying to find suitable meeting times.

We have more ambitious plans for these links. Stay tuned! 🤫

Claiming your personal link is simple:

1. Open a new tab

2. Click the link icon in the top left next to “Share availability”

3. BOOM. Your personalized link is copied and ready to share

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