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New in Magical: Templates

New in Magical: Templates

We listened to your feedback and are excited to announce our top requested feature: Templates!

Templates let you schedule meetings by creating and using your own scheduling link based on preferences that you set. 

Our templates are configured to all maxim customization to give you complete control over meetings and availabilities.

The result isn’t just faster scheduling; it’s smarter scheduling that eliminates the excruciating back-and-forth cycle of emails that plagues meeting planning. 

Core functionality includes:

  • Meeting Duration – Set a default meeting length, or let your guest decide

  • Working Hours – Toggle and customize your availability around specific working hours, as well as other set times, such as lunch or dinner

  • Time Limits – Protect your time and limit how many days ahead guests can book time on your calendar

  • Last-Minute Notice – Add a minimum notice time to prevent anyone from scheduling a meeting at the last minute

  • Confirmation Control – Toggle whether or not you want to make final a confirmation after someone books time on your calendar

  • Team Calendar View – Avoid double bookings by checking your teammates’ calendars to make sure they’re free

With these features, you’ll be able to manage your calendar more efficiently and keep your schedule organized.

Say adios to planning pain, and hello to the templatization of your time ✨

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