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New in Magical: Time Peek

New in Magical: Time Peek

There’s an old saying that time is on your side (it was also a great song by The Rolling Stones 🤘).

Now with Time Peek, time is literally on your side… the side of your browser!

Time Peek makes it easy to check your upcoming meetings and instantly join calls without opening new tabs or switching context.

It conveniently displays your current or upcoming meeting, and with a quick click, you can view your entire calendar for the day, as well as jump directly into Zoom meetings.

Our vision from day one hasn’t been to reinvent the calendar or scheduling, but to revolutionize the way we work with time.

In other words… “Magical Everywhere“. 

The future of time will be driven by tools that are accessible, ambient, and automated.

Magical is at the forefront of creating that nexus to transform your time and make it accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

Time Peek is yet another one of the amazing tools we’ve already build to take you one step closer to this vision.

To learn more about Time Peek, click HERE

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