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New in Magical: Time Polls – Your Team Meeting AI Assistant

New in Magical: Time Polls – Your Team Meeting AI Assistant

Introducing Time Polls:!

Are you tired of endless email chains and scheduling conflicts?

Say hello to Time Polls, the ultimate solution for effortlessly scheduling and managing your group meetings.

With Time Polls, simply select your desired meeting duration, choose potential time slots, and then share a link to let your participants vote on their preferred options.

They’re perfect for board meetings, all-hands, or any sessions that involve coordinating with multiple participants.

After your participants have voted and you’ve found the ideal meeting time, it’s time to build the perfect meeting invite.

In Magical, you can generate one-click meeting templates using AI.

You can populate your templates with agendas and pre-reads so your participants can come to the session fully briefed and prepared to engage.

With your agenda and notes ready, you’re set to send the invite to your participants.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! 🤯

If you want to say goodbye to the anxiety of trying to furiously capture everything that happens in your meetings, then meet your new best friend: AI Notetaker.

AI Notetaker will transcribe your sessions and send you a detailed summary at the end of every meeting.

The summary can be easily emailed to your fellow participants or synced directly into your Notion account.

As you can see, the amazing combination of Time Polls and AI creates a one-of-a-kind seamless meeting experience that eliminates the frustrations of group scheduling.

Never stress out about big meetings again…

Try Time Polls today and unlock the magic of efficient, hassle-free scheduling!

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