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New in Magical: Upgraded Sharing Experience

New in Magical: Upgraded Sharing Experience

2023 is here, and so are big-time Magical updates. 

Less than a month after unveiling Magical.so to the world, we’re already rolling out a powerhouse platter of new features and functionalities.

Armed with amazing feedback from our community, our team has been grinding away to make your Time Operating System even better.

In the words of Aubrey Graham (aka Drake)… we started from the bottom now we’re here!

Our first order of business was to reduce friction during the invitation-sharing process to make the experience even more delightful.

Here’s how:

  • What: Add a title, hit “Tab” and Magical will use our AI to generate an agenda with talking points to share with guests.

  • When: Select preferred times using our AI Assistant or just by selecting times from your calendar. Toggle “Dynamic Availability” to let recipients schedule based on your general availability.

  • Where: We now support Google Meet! We also support Zoom, as well as custom links and locations.

  • Share: Our new sharing experience allows you to copy and preview the availability link or quick share your availability via email with personalize messages.

  • Notify: Get email notifications once your meeting is confirmed and scheduled.

View Teammates’ Upcoming Availability With Multiple Calendars

Seeing your company’s and/or teammates’ calendars makes the scheduling process infinitely easier. 

  • You can now toggle On/Off multiple calendars in your “Upcoming Meetings” section, so you know when teammates’ are available
  • To activate this, click the “Preferences” gear at the bottom left of your screen
  • Click “Calendars” and simply toggle on the calendars you’d like to display
  • This nifty workflow will be the foundation for some cool functionalities to come

Google Calendar AI integration

Agendas keep your meetings focused and increase the likelihood of ending on-time.

Now, everyone who’s installed our Chrome extension can generate smart agendas directly from Google Calendar. 

Our smart agendas are backed by AI and create intuitive bullet-pointed lists for all of your sessions. 

Getting started is simple:

  1. If you haven’t installed our extension, download it from the Chrome Web Store by clicking HERE
  2. After logging in to Magical, simply create a new calendar event
  3. Add a subject to your event
  4. Click “Add Description”
  5. Then, just click the link in your description box and let our AI take over ⚡

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