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Schedule and Meet with AI, Notion, Zoom, and more!

Schedule and Meet with AI, Notion, Zoom, and more!

Magical is the perfect integrated meeting solution for busy professionals.

Powered by AI, Magical lets you control the entire scheduling process directly from your browser tabs.

We’re conveniently integrated with Zoom, Notion, and Google Meet, to let you schedule faster, and schedule smarter.

Here’s a quick rundown of all of the fantastic functionalities you get in Magical:

  • Chrome Extension + Web App: Magical is everywhere… you can use it with our Chrome extension, or in any browser with our web app.

  • Google Calendar Integration: We conveniently integrate with Google Calendar, which allows you to schedule and manage meetings directly without the need for additional clunky software

  • Personalized Sharing Links: Kill the soul-crushing back-and-forth emails and instead send your personal meeting link, which lets people quickly schedule meetings based on your availability

  • AI Scheduling: Use our trainable AI to rapidly scan your calendar and suggest preferred meeting times

  • AI Agendas: Use our AI to instantaneously create bullet-pointed agendas for all of your meetings

  • Notion Notes: Automatically sync your meeting notes directly into Notion

  • Day Peek + TimePeek: Hover your mouse, or use key commands, to take a quick view of the current day’s calendar

  • Preferred Availability: Click and drag on your calendar to easily share your preferred meeting times

  • Dynamic Availability: Enable invitation recipients to schedule meetings based on your general availability if the preferred times you sent aren’t compatible

  • Team Calendars: Quickly view your teammates’ calendars (or other shared calendars) to view their availability

  • Custom Duration: Set your preference for how long each meeting should last

  • Privacy – Never worry about sensitive calendar items, as we block all meeting descriptions and subjects when sharing your availability

  • Personalized Messaging: Add personalized messages when sending invitations via email

  • Key Commands – Save time when scheduling as all actions listed above are fully accessible using key commands

  • Customization – With convenient preferences and toggles everywhere, you can personalize your experience to your heart’s delight

Superpowered meeting invites.

Effortless scheduling.

AI automation galore.

Everything easily created and managed in new browser tabs.

All of these goodies helped make us Product Hunt’s #1 Product of the Day 🏆

Armed with feedback from our amazing productivity community, our agile team of time-hackers is grinding away to make Magical even more magical 🪄

We can’t give away all of our secrets just yet, but some super cool integrations and features are underway in our time lab (did someone say time templates 🤭).

Below is a quick walkthrough of all of the amazing features above.

If it looks like something that could make your meetings better, jump back over to our main page is get it today!

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