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Scheduling Meetings is Draining Your Productivity

Scheduling Meetings is Draining Your Productivity

Most of us spend endless time and energy trying to squeeze meetings into our already crammed calendars.

In fact, nearly 8/10 workers report that they’re regularly overwhelmed by their calendars.

The last thing we need is additional stress trying to fit another 30-minute call into an already jam-packed day of meetings.

We channeled our inner BuzzFeed and came up with a quick list of 13 ways meeting scheduling sucks:

1. The process is time-consuming

2.We have endless back-and-forths trying to find a time that works

3. We have limited availability as our days are already full

4. Our colleagues always seem to be busy during convenient times

5. Time zones differences make it hard to find meeting times that work

6. Switching between our calendars is frustrating

7. Current software solutions are too complex and inefficient

8. Current software solutions don’t integrate into our normal workflows

9. Scheduling is selfish, as we’re forced to accommodate other people’s availability

10. There are privacy concerns about people snooping through your calendar

11. An overall lack of automation and smart learning from calendars and schedulers

12. The process of writing and sharing agendas is demanding

13. Efficiently organizing our meeting notes is challenging

We feel your pain.

Scheduling meetings shouldn’t be your full-time job.

That’s why we’re disrupting the traditional scheduling process.

We want you to get more done with less.

And do so in a manner that’s fast and efficient.

We’ve streamlined the invitation process to allow for simple scheduling in one convenient location: new browser tabs.

As we spend most of our workdays in browsers, allowing you to schedule meetings there offers more expedience than old-school legacy schedulers.

You’ll save time and energy just by reducing the number of steps needed to schedule a meeting.

Time is your most valuable commodity.

Once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

Save your time and experience the fastest and most hassle-free meeting invitations ever created.

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