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The True Cost of Workplace Productivity: 8 Stats Everyone Needs to Know

The True Cost of Workplace Productivity: 8 Stats Everyone Needs to Know

When people talk about productivity, they’re usually referring to creating something or completing a task in the most efficient way possible. Actual productivity takes into account how long it takes to complete the task, as well as how effective the end product is. It’s not just about working hard; it’s about working smart and getting the most out of your limited resources.

And for most of us, the most important resource is time. But what does our time during the workday really look like? How are we spending it? What’s wasting our time? And most importantly, are we truly productive? 

Below are eight enlightening stats that shed light on the true cost of workplace productivity:

  1. Time Management Gap88% of employees don’t have a formal time management system (TimeWatch)
  2. Stress Factor79% of employees have experienced work-related stress in the last 30 days (American Psychological Association)
  3. Meeting Madness – 67% of employees say them spend too much time in meetings (CNBC)
  4. Switching Syndrome – 64% of employees spend 30 minutes or more each day switching between different apps and programs (Slack)
  5. Interruption Insanity – 40% of employees say they’re interrupted more than 10 times/day (Harvard Business Review)
  6. Email Black Hole – The average employee spends 23% of their workday on email (Forbes)
  7. Distraction Dilemma – It takes the average employee 20 to 25 minutes to re-focus after responding to an email (BusinessInsider)
  8. Information Overload – The amount of information the average employee consumes every day is equivalent to reading 174 newspapers (Fast Company)

As the data shows, most of us fall short when it comes to being truly productive. Achieving optimal productivity now seems easier said than done, even with the slew of productivity tools we now possess. 

While no overnight solution will magically transform you into the world’s most productive person, you should pay attention to which of the stats above most apply to your daily life. By identifying the areas posing the greatest challenge to your daily productivity, you can develop targeted solutions to improve your everyday work routine.

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