AI-Powered Time Polls

Unlock the power of AI for your group meetings.
Say goodbye to context switching and get the most out of your meetings.

Your Team Meeting AI Assistant.

Find the optimal meeting time, every time.

Let AI suggest the optimal times and share with your invitees to vote on their preferred times.

Ideal for scheduling group sessions, such as all-hands or board meetings, Time Polls eliminates the need for endless email chains and the frustration of coordinating across multiple calendars.


Get everyone on the same page.

Instantly generate meeting templates with one-click using AI.

No more time wasted trying to figure out what to talk about or what’s important to cover. Your customized agendas and pre-reads will keep you on track and focused.


Effortlessly share meeting summaries.

AI Notetaker transcribes your sessions and sends you a detailed summary at the end of every meeting.

No more anxiety trying to furiously capture everything that’s happening. You can conveniently email the summary to your fellow participants or sync it directly to Notion.